Product Description


The aerosol is excellent for applications such as aerial lifts; forklift masts and upper wear pads (areas that can be very difficult to get a lubricant into). It comes with a straw to allow the spray to be dispersed into a specific area.


  • Water and saltwater resistance
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic; no heavy metals
  • Formulated for telescoping booms
  • Contains PFTE to reduce friction
  • Being synthetic it outlasts petroleum based lubricants
SKU: 010105

Lube-A-Boom Dry Film Aerosol

Applications: Open Gears, Extendable Hoe Arms, Extendable Axles, Outriggers, Counterweights


  • Forms a thin, quick drying film that provides long-wearing lubrication and protection
  • For high temperature applications where parts are exposed to continuous friction
  • Formulation contains extreme pressure additives for heavy duty applications
  • Repels dust and contaminants
  • Excellent adherence properties
SKU: 010106

Lube-A-Rope Aerosol

Chain and Cable Lubricant is a thin lubricant that contains moly to provide maximum lubrication and protection.


This product protects equipment against dust, dirt and water migration that often increase friction and lead to failures.
LUBE-A-ROPE™ Chain and Cable Lubricant will not fly off - it clings on and keeps working long after the initial application. It eliminates that cause of corrosion by forcing water out of assemblies.
This product penetrates and acts as a corrosion inhibitor to provide long-lasting protection against saltwater immersion and atmospheric moisture.
Applications include chains, sprockets, cables, wire ropes, marine maintenance, industrial maintenance, drive chains, hoist chains, automotive maintenance.

SKU: 010107



LUBE-A-BOOM® CLEAR is a multi-purpose lubricant that can be used on components that slide, roll, rotate or squeak. When the solvent that allows the aerosol to spray evaporates from exposure to air, it leaves a clear anti-corrosive film impervious to water that prevents rust. It can also be used on most rubber seals and surfaces.

LUBE-A-BOOM® CLEAR lubricates and penetrates which extends the life of components and machinery.


  • Provides a clear film
  • Improves water resistance
  • Reduces friction
  • Multi-purpose
  • Safe on most surfaces


LUBE-A-PAK™ contains all seven LUBE-A-BOOM® products in one easy carrying pak. Wipes included.


  • 1 - LUBE-A-GEAR™ AEROSOL, 12oz aerosol, p/n 010108
  • 1 - LUBE-A-BOOM® AEROSOL, 15oz aerosol, p/n 010105
  • 1 - LUBE-A-ROPE™ AEROSOL, 16oz aerosol, p/n 010107
  • 1 - LUBE-A-BOOM® GREASE, 14oz cartridge, p/n 010102
  • 1 - LUBE-A-PIN™ GREASE, 14oz cartridge, p/n LAB022
  • 1 - LUBE-A-BOOM® DRY FILM AEROSOL, 12oz aerosol, p/n 010106
  • 1 - LUBE-A-BOOM® CLEAR AEROSOL, 11oz aerosol, p/n LAB026
  • 1 - 100 pack of Wipers, p/n 06179
SKU: 0101011