National Cranes

Swing seat cranes feature the comfort and convenience of an enclosed operator’s cab.National Crane offers 7 models ranging from 30 USt to 55 USt. Maximum vertical reach ranges from 163 ft. to 207 ft.


National Crane NBT45

• 40,8 t (45 USt) maximum capacity

• 51,2 m (168 ft) maximum tip height (main boom)

• 62,8 m (206 ft) maximum tip height (boom with jib)


Outrigger span of 7,52 m (24.7 ft) when fully extended; 5,33 m (17.5 ft) at mid-span.

Equipped with both ground level and in-cab outrigger controls, the NBT45 outriggers

allow quick and easy crane set-up and can be positioned at 0%, 50% and 100%

Five-section boom

At 49,07m (161 ft), the NBT45 five-section boom is the longest in its size range.

The long boom allows the operator to perform more lifts without the use of a jib,

reducing setup time and improving efficiency. Also available are optional boom

lengths of 31,39 m (103 ft), 38,71 m (127 ft) and 43,29 m (142 ft).


  • The stronger standard torsion box improves rigidity, reduces truck frame fl ex and reduces the need for counterweight
  • Easy Glide boom wear pads reduce the conditions that cause boom chatter and vibration.The net result is smoother crane operation
  • Speedy-reeve boom tip and sheave blocks simplify rigging changes by decreasing the time needed to change line reeving
  • Painting crane components before assembly reduces the possibility of rust, improves serviceability and enhances the appearance of the machine
  • State of the art control valve provides smoother operation. Th e new design eliminates parts, reducing repair costs and improving the machines serviceability
  • Bearings on the boom and retract cables can be greased through access holes in the boom side plates
  • Boom sections are supported by one hydraulic extend cylinder, minimizing maintenance
  • Two-speed grooved drum hoist with cable packer, electronic drum rotation indicator
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