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8501C Palfinger Crane

This crane is simply made for hard routine work whether in the oilfield, road construction, building materials trade or the municipal sector. The hexagonal boom section ensures greater rigidity of the boom system. With up to 5 hydraulic extensions, the PK 8501 has an outreach of 14 metres. These features make it the crane with the longest hydraulic outreach in the 8 metre tonne class.


Palfinger Crane 8501C 4 Hyd extensions 1060lbs@ 38'1"

Max. lifting moment 56440 ft_lbs
Max. lifting capacity 12,570 lbs.
Max. hydraulic outreach 45' 11"
Max. manual outreach 52' 6"
Slewing torque with 1 gear 7240 ft_lbs
Stabilizer spread standard 10' 6"
Fitting space required (std) 2' 3"
Max. operating pressure 4640 psi
Dead weight (std.) 2250.0 kg
Width foldet 7' 7"
Pump capacity 6.6 to 9.2 US gal./min