Grain Box - 20'

CBI Unibody Grain Box

Box features include:

  • 8.25 x 8.25 x 20 x 60 CBI unibody box
  • 7 GA high tensile tip sills
  • 12 GA walls, 3x3 HSS posts
  • 3/16" smooth floor
  • All seams welded with no chalking
  • Tapered front to rear
  • All swing tailgate
  • Grease nipples on all hinges
  • Cam lock meter gate
  • Bottom edge tapered to allow for easy cleaning
  • Powder coated customer requested color.

Please see our downloadable PDF for more specs on this product and the different options that can be chosen to suit your needs!


Installation and Gravel box specs include:
Taller style for extra capacity
42" high tailgate with high mount hinge providing better clearance
Box sides are 44" high AR200 standard steel
Box floor is of AR200 steel
Rear hinge is bolt together and pinned for easy removal
Planks on top sides of box to protect edges
Gravel box is coated white.

Telescopic style hoist
All LED marker and tail lighting

Additional Options Available:

Vibrator including install.
Electric Michals tarp
Pullout chain hangers
Tail piece with air locking pintle hitch - Installed and operational
High Lift tailgate kit
Pin in sloped rear ramp - pins in to replace tail gate
Cab guard hood for front of box
Side Boards made of formed plate steel. Shop painted
Tail piece, for towing only
To Lengthen truck frame up to 6’, add in additional drive line with a new
steady bearing. Sleeve the frame where the extension has been made.
Extend all air and electrical.

Options and description may vary depending on what is selected.