Service Components


VR70, 200 Hr Service Kit

VR70 Service Kit includes

  • Air Filter
  • Oil Filter
  • VR High Performance Oil - 1L
  • VR High Performance Oil - 4L
  • Next Service Due Decal
SKU: A700019

VR70, 400 Hr Service Kit

Kit includes

  • Coalescing Filter Assembly
  • Air Filter
  • Oil Filter
  • Tank Seal
  • O-rings (4x)
  • VR High Performance Oil - 1L
  • VR High Preformance Oil - 4L
  • Next Sevice Due Decal
  • Spring
  • THimble Screen
SKU: A700020

Predatair 60 400 Hr Service Kit

Predatair 60 400 Hour Service Kit Includes

  • O-rings
  • Air Filter
  • Oil Fileter
  • Coalescing Element
  • VR Oil 4L
SKU: A700142

VR High Performance Oil 4L

SKU: A700094

VR High Performance Oil 1L

SKU: A700091

Vmac Filter Regulator Lubricator System RFL

Filter Regulator Lubricator FRL

Designed to remove compressor lubricants, Dirt and Water from the air stream. The built in regulator can reduce the air pressure to extend the life of your tools. The lubricator adds atomized tool oil to the air system to lubricate your pneumatic tools.

150PSI Regulated Pressure

200PSI Maximum Pressure

SKU: A700151

Idler Pulley 6 Ribbed Flange

SKU: 1300030

Idler Puller Smooth Flange

SKU: 1300031

Vmac 6 Groove Clutch

SKU: P200035

VR70 Intake Paper Filter Element

SKU: 3600037

Oil Filter

Vmac Oil Filter For

Underhood Compressor & Predatair

SKU: 9200039

Pressure Relief Valve 200PSI

SKU: 3600054

35 Gallon Air Receiver Tank

For use with Raptair and Predatair Systems

This ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Certified Air Receiver Tank is the Standard in the Mobile Compressed air industry.

  •  95lbs (43kg)
  • 73 3/4" (L) x 14" (w)
  • 14" Diameter
  • Each tank comes complete with Fittings and Pressure Gauge

The air receiver is used to meet heavy, short time demands on certain equipment. Typically, a vmac rotary screw compressor is designed for 100% Duty cycle and the use of a receiver is not needed for air demands.

There is always a difference between ambient and the discharge air temperature.  As soon as the warmer discharge air contacts the cooler steel walls of the tank, the moisture starts to condense out of the compressed air. This can reduce the amount of downstream moisture travelling to your tools, Use of an after-cooler, filter regulator lubricator or air dryer will also remove the moisture from the air.

The moisture condensing in the tank will need to be drained from time to time to prevent rust and scale deposits. These deposits may cause air blockage problems and damage components.

All applications can benefit by the installation of air receiver tanks. It’s generally accepted that no receiver is too large for an application and no number of receivers are too many the installation of either a vertical or horizontal tank depends on the physical space available.

SKU: A300009

Predatair Cold Climate Kit 60 & 40

A fully automated manifold heater block designed for extreme cold weather operation. When hydraulic oil temperature falls below -15C/5F the Cold Climate Kit solenoid will energize and heat the hydraulic oil.

  • Warms hydraulic oil more quickly in extreme temperatures
  • Fully automatic
SKU: A700146

Air system De-icer

Air System De-icerThe De-Icer is a 12-Volt insulated rope heater designed to work with the UNDERHOOD VR70 and VR150 Air Compressor Systems. The De-Icer prevents freezing of the system pressure line and regulator in cold climates. The De-Icer is ready to work at the flick of a switch.

  • 12 volt
  • 80 watt
  • 10′ rope heater
  • On/off switch with indicator light
SKU: A700031

Throttle Commander


Throttle Commander is an easy to install idle up throttle controller. Designed for electronic engines, these load sensing throttle controls will follow a preset programmed rpm setting. Throttle Commander can be activated from anywhere on the vehicle with a 12-volt signal. Throttle Commander throttle controls are available for numerous applications and designed to fit North American built trucks.

Throttle Control Applications

Throttle Commander Throttle Controls are ideal for idling up your trucks engine for hydraulic powered equipment including:

  • Pump hoists
  • Winches
  • Fence post-pounders
  • Cranes
  • Augers
  • Buckets

They are also the perfect solution for idling up trucks for:

  • Pumps, such as CAF Systems
  • Battery discharge protection

Electronic Throttle Controls

This easy to install electronic throttle control maintains preset rpm over a range of engine torque loads. The throttle control is closed loop so it is watching an rpm signal from the vehicle. By watching this signal this will insure that the engine doesn’t over rev. The Throttle Commander rpm can be adjusted easily by turning the adjustment screw or if applicable by utilizing the option Programming Tool. The RPM setting can range from 900 – 2300.

SEIC Throttle Controls

2005 Ford F250-F550 Super Duty Trucks and Econoline Vans (over 8500 GVW) all feature Ford’s new High Idle System. The Stationary Elevated Idle Control (SEIC) is an engine control that has been internalized into the vehicle computer. The introduction of this idle control means the retirement of Ford’s old APCM model. VMAC’s SEIC module easily interfaces both the gas and diesel engines. The T500107 is the part number for diesel engines. It features 2 adjustable speed settings, a port for a remote pendant option, remote start/stop compatibility and easy to follow instructions. The RPM range will be 1,200-2,400 as per the settings defined by Ford. The T500108 is the part number for gas engines. It features the same options as the diesel model. However, the RPM range will be 900-2,320 as per the settings defined by Ford.

Throttle Controls Features & Benefits


  • Maintains rpm over engine torque loads
  • Easy installation
  • Optional remote variable pendant control
  • 12-Volt activated
  • 3 preset programmable rpm settings
  • Immediate response time
  • OEM connectors makes for a clean and simple installation


wide variety of Tensions for every Vmac Model


Tank Straps

Multiple sizes are available

  • 17"
  • 17.5'
  • 16"
SKU: 2200120