Computer Aided Design


Computer Aided Design

At Decca Industries we take advantage of the latest technology in the design of products. Our first step is to sit down with the customer and find out what their requirements are, we then do up a drawing which may be as simple as a hand sketch, this is then forwarded to our contracted engineers. At this point the engineers can evaluate and cost estimate the project, should the outcome be agreeable with the customer, our third party engineers will start the analysis. They utilize Solidworks, a 3D software program which enables the modeling of parts and assemblies in a 3D environment. This ability allows for innovation in product design and improved efficiency by ensuring a product will be exactly what is desired before it is built on the shop floor.

Our third party engineering also utilizes Cosmosworks for stress analysis, which accompanies Solidworks. It is used in aiding product design to help ensure the structural integrity of the products designed. Cosmos can be used to apply loads to parts and assemblies to simulate real life loading situations on products.

The second step to this process is the manufacturing of the product, at the same location as the engineering branch there is a state of the art manufacturing facility that Decca uses for all of the engineered projects. This facility will provide Decca with quote to manufacture the product, again should this cost be agreeable with the customer the facility is contracted to produce the product. The greatest benefit to this is that the engineer's project manage the complete production ensuring an awesome end result to satisfy the customer.

Given Decca’s vast experience and with customer input, we have found that our custom projects, when managed in this procedure, give a 100% customer satisfaction, that’s our #1 goal !